Battery Experts Forum 2017

Genius Technologie GmbH participated for the first time as an exhibitor as well as a referent at the International Battery Experts Forum in Aschaffenburg.
A total of 600 participants from Germany, Europe and overseas were able to make a very good impression about the latest trend and development in battery research and development, cell production and the battery market in general. Genius was the only exhibitor to deal with the storage and transport of defective, damaged and critical lithium-ion batteries. During the exhibition, many appointments could be made to the above mentioned events. Topics at renowned international industrial companies. Particularly in the area of fire protection of test labs, safe storage of LIB within production, ADR-compliant transport of LIB in the sense of Special Provision 376, 377 and 310 and the extinguishing of battery fires intensive discussions were held at the booth.
Michael Knobloch's lecture on this subject was almost sold out with just under 100 people. The great success of the event encouraged the management to be present again in February next year.

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