The Genius Group

With our experienced research and development team, it is our daily and long-term mission to provide customers with the best possible fire protection solutions. Since 2010, we have been developing innovative solutions for fire protection, transport & storage of lithium-ion batteries and special extinguishing systems. To support these efforts, we work closely with the competent institutions and associations (such as BAM, MPA, Fraunhofer Institute). Customers such as VW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Zeppelin, etc. endeavour to build up on our expertise.

As a very environmentally aware organisation, we spare no efforts to reconcile economics with ecology and provide an appropriate environment for our customers, partners and employees. As a manufacturer and marketer of sustainable innovative fire protection solutions, the Genius Group thus constitutes an important interface between research, science and industry.

Genius Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

Specialist for customized solutions in state-of-the-art fire-fighting

We develop customized extinguishing concepts as well as state-of-the-art fire protection measures, and we plan new system applications. In recent years we have gained core competencies in the fields of preventive and defensive fire protection, innovative fire-extinguishing agents and fire protection products, energy storage devices (lithium-ion batteries) and the realization of customized solutions.

In the field of research and development as well as the subsequent authorisation procedures, we work together with the competent institutions and associations (BAM, MPA, Fraunhofer Institute, etc.) and jointly develop application solutions. A core element of our innovative solutions is environmental compatibility of the developed procedures. Creating broad public awareness for the need of environmental compatibility in fire extinguishing procedures, as well as user demand for system solutions that feature almost 100% reusability of extinguishing agents are a milestone in the development of such systems, and an outstanding step forward in the use and installation of fire protection systems.

Customer benefit is obvious, because the choice of environmentally friendly fire fighting on the one hand, and a preventive system application on the other, provides considerable savings for the user with regard to installation, maintenance and insurance premiums. In the event of a fire, a highly failure-safe system will avoid business interruptions and production downtime, because consequential damage, such as is often seen with conventional water (water extinguishing) or foam (foam extinguishing) applications are excluded. The Pyrobubbles® extinguishing agent is also mostly reusable after extinguishing actions have been completed (depending on the fire load).

Scientific Advisory Board, Research & Development

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board: Dr. Hubertus Peter, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Krause, Dr. Hans-Jochen Rodner and Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Rehak (e.g. German Technologies Center e.V., European Aviation Security Center e.V.)

Within the scope of research & development we cooperate with the following institutes and networks: Optotransmitter Environmental Protection Technology e.V. (OUT e.V.), Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus (BTU), Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), etc.

Genius Technologie GmbH

As an exclusive partner, we are aware of the needs of the customer. Complex and difficult questions in the field of system and safety engineering as well as fire protection require customized solutions.

We market the complete product range of independently tested PyroBubbles® extinguishing agents, and we maintain close contact with all cooperating partners and service partners in the respective countries. Commitment means experience, and experience is the basis for success. Genius Technology GmbH is fully committed to this tradition. And in this sense, we always breaking new ground together with our customers. This is the concept that powers new and innovative products. Customer satisfaction is the driving force of our actions. Competent and personal consultation as well as maximum flexibility for customer needs are at the core of our identity.

Based on many years of experience in diverse fields of technical consultation and safety applications, we provide solution-oriented answers for individual and especially industrial safety planning.