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What does tomorrow’s “fire brigade” look like?
A KiKa film team followed up on this question together with colleagues from the Erfurt fire department.

“Pyro bubbles” look like cat litter.
But these small glass balls have a lot more to offer. This fire protection product protects industrial plants, car batteries, and even soccer games against major fires.
[Great idea! What became of it? – Glass fire protection]

Trade press

Zeppelin Anlagenbau has entered into a partnership with the Genius Group. The jointly developed fire-fighting trailer simplifies the process of extinguishing fires fed by lithium-metal and flammable liquids.
[Mobile trailer makes it easy to extinguish difficult fires]
Source: Schwäbische Zeitung,

[Compelling plant technology for demanding bulk goods]
Source: Zeppelin Systems GmbH,

[When things become critical]
Source: Klein, Stefan; dangerous cargo, Subject: Abfall-Management; Heft 08/2017; Seite 11-13; ISSN 0016-5808;

[Hazard potential of battery storage power plants]
Source: Saupe, A.; Gefährdungspotential von Batteriespeicherkraftwerken – Brände von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien
5. . Magdeburg Fire and Explosion Protection Days 2017; 23.-24.3.17;
Conference transcript
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[Diabolical magnesium!]]
Source: Blaulicht, Heft 03 / 2016, Seite 9

[Safe disposal of lithium-ion batteries]
Source: RECYCLING magazin 06 / 2016, Seite 11

[Safe battery transport of lithium-ion batteries]
Source: Special issue for INTERSCHUTZ 2015, article in issue 6/2015, specialist magazine Feuerwehr RETTEN LÖSCHEN BERGEN

[PyroBubbles® – New Packaging Concept for Lithium-Ion (Product Profile) ]
Source: Asia Pacific Fire (APF) Magazine, 04-2015

[Lithium batteries – What will be new in 2015]
Source: Specialist magazine Gefährliche Ladung 03/2015

[Real-life fire tests for the safe transport of lithium-ion modules]
Source: Specialist magazine for research, technology and management in fire protection (gfpa), Issue 1/2015
Link to website of the vfdb e.V.

[ADR-compliant transport of used lithium-ion batteries]
Source: EU Recycling, Issue 03/2015

[Safe packaging concept for lithium batteries]
Source: Magazine Technische Sicherheit 1-2/2015 Nr. TS 415

[Safe transport of lithium-ion batteries]
Source: Article in issue 1-2/2015, S. 54, Specialist magazine Feuerwehr RETTEN LÖSCHEN BERGEN