The fire retardant

The PyroBubbles® product is a positively tested extinguishing agent for solid and liquid combustible substances (Class A, B, D and F) by the MPA Dresden according to DIN EN 3-7. The porous hollow glass granules are allocated to material class A1. The product is very lightweight (approx. 235 kg/m³) and excellent to work with. The main ingredient is silicon dioxide with an average grain size of 0.5 to 5 mm.

PyroBubbles® are temperature resistant up to approx. 1050°C. Even after extinguishing a fire, the granules can be picked up again simply by vacuuming and reusing most of these again.

PyroBubbles® are water neutral and food safe. These contain only very few water-soluble components. The pH varies between 7 and 9 (permissible limits according to Germany's Drinking Water Ordinance 6.5 - 9.5). This value corresponds to a soap solution for normal hand washing and must therefore be described as neutral. The soluble salts as a whole change the conductivity of water considerably less than the normal mineral content of tap water. Conductivity <150 μS/cm (permitted limit according the Drinking Water Ordinance 1500 μS/cm).


Plants and production

The PyroBubbles® extinguishing agent can be used in bulk. This is especially applicable to the foundry and metallurgy industry. In plant-specific fire protection, integration into ongoing production has proven to be very practical for particularly sensitive areas of production since selective protection via silo containers is possible and thus specifically extremely expensive production facilities ensured. The reusable extinguishing agent does not cause damage from the agent itself. Long production downtimes can thus be avoided.


Preventive fire protection

The PyroBubbles® extinguishing agent can be put to outstanding use as bulk material in the area of preventive fire protection, especially when backfilling cavities, cable trays and installation shafts (horizontal and vertical). A totally uncomplicated fire protection-related upgrade in the F90 area can be achieved at any time both for existing buildings and new facilities. Time and material expenditure to achieve the desired protection objectives are considered to be very economical. The ongoing maintenance costs for the maintenance of these kinds of cable system configurations amounts to almost zero. Cables can also be modified later, quickly & safely, without any difficulty.


Energy supply and security

The energy supply is an indispensable component for production and the entire functioning and intermeshing of all areas of the operative business. The safeguarding of the energy supply and protection of these installations in the event of a fire must have the highest priority for operators and those responsible. With PyroBubbles® ,this protection can be ensured for small and large transformers alike. In terms of a fire protection-related upgrade to significantly improve inventory protection, we were able to protect the transformer oil sump of a 380 kV transformer filled with a total 125 tons of oil.


Specialty chemicals
In the specialty chemicals area, we were able to achieve best extinguishing results in plant protection and handling triethylaluminum (TEA). The same applies to silane compounds and thermite burns, which are difficult to control using conventional extinguishing agents, are safely enclosed by  PyroBubbles® and thus manageable.

PyroBubbles® is therefore ideal for extinguishing or controlling problematic fire loads when conventional extinguishing agents would fail or cause major damage. Also in terms of environmentally problematic use of aqueous film forming foam (AFFF), the extinguishing agent PyroBubbles® is ideally suitable for use since it forms a closed layer on any flammable liquid due to its buoyancy that permits successful extinguishing quickly and easily without the risk of reignition.


Energy storage, logistics & after sales

The use of lithium-ion batteries, cells and battery modules will continue to intensify in all industrial applications over the coming years. The potential harmfulness in the manufacture, storage and transportation of lithium-ion batteries, however, is considerable. It should be noted that damaged lithium-ion batteries always represent a hazardous material during transport. The hidden risks (energy density, self-ignition potential, electrolyte loss, release of hydrofluoric acid) must not be underestimated. The product PyroBubbles® can be flexibly deployed not only as an extinguishing agent, it is also an excellent fire retardant to protect critical lithium-ion batteries and for the transport, storage and logistics fields, which are interrelated to these kinds of energy storage media.

The PyroBubbles®LIONGUARD® safety system is designed for the safe handling and transport of lithium-ion batteries, which has been approved by the respective authority (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, BAM) as a packaging method for the transport of damaged and dangerously reactive lithium-ion batteries (up to 400 kg).

For the first time, expensive, custom packaging solutions can thus be replaced by safe, economical and standardized solutions. It consists of a special container with pressure control valve and the PyroBubbles®. fire retardant filling. The components are so well-matched that even a battery thermal runaway does not pose a threat to the immediate vicinity. A separate inner packaging is no longer required within the scope of the current specifications. The absorption capacity of electrolyte has been examined and confirmed by Germany's Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing or BAM. We plan to develop containment vessels with a module net weight over 400 kg.

We also offer a transport system for retrieval and disposal as a full-service logistics system. Storage and transport are based on a system and can be perfectly coordinated. Tailor-made after-sales solutions can thus be created with the dealers and service centers.

Especially the following points are worth emphasizing regarding the PyroBubbles®LIONGUARD® safety system:

  • Vapors condense on the granulate.
  • Ignitable mixtures are rendered inert from oxygen displacement.
  • Vapors and liquids (electrolyte) accumulate at the highly porous surface and can thus be disposed of in a bonded manner (absorption).
  • Its high thermal capacity absorbs a lot of thermal energy, resulting in cooled reaction gases to almost ambient temperatures.
  • Low thermal conductivity insulates the cell fire at the source and prohibits the spread of fire.
  • Approved packaging method of Germany's Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing or BAM.


Extensive information

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