Bengalo SafeSoccer mobilizes fans, families and thrills millions of people every weekend. Soccer fulfills a social function and is a significant economic factor for cities and regions. Soccer is passion! And this passion is a precious commodity that must be preserved. For many years, efforts have been made on both the national (German Football Association/DFB) and international level (UEFA, FIFA) to improve security inside and outside stadiums. It was shocking to learn that 1,500 people were killed and 6,000 injured at 60 sporting events world-wide between 1971 and 2011. A sad statistic in itself, whose numbers are likely to be much higher in reality (Source: FIFA). The safety of the spectators and everyone involved is always the top priority. Unfortunately, violent clashes and hooliganism are among the ugliest spectacles, but they are nevertheless commonplace in national and international soccer.

However, the increasing use of Bengal fire leads to a new rioting level. Although burning them is justifiably prohibited in European cities, certain fan groups periodically provoke dangerous scenarios both in the spectators' areas as well as on the playing fields. The Bengal fires are thereby not only burned in the stands but also thrown onto the field.

In case of direct eye contact, the intense light phenomenon can cause massive glare.

Even the remains of a burnt out "Bengalo," at approx. 800°C, are still hot for a long time that they can cause severe burns even after brief contact.

For the first time, the highly innovative PyroBubbles BENGALOSAFE® product offers a highly effective and easy-to-use way to quickly, comprehensively and safely counteract any hazards.


PyroBubbles BENGALOSAFE® is a specially designed protective container that is filled with PyroBubbles®. The Bengal torch is received and pushed into the PyroBubbles BENGALOSAFE® .

The torch is asphyxiated by the PyroBubbles® extinguishing agent. Inerting and cooling are the result. What remains is only a safely packaged burned out "Bengalo". The PyroBubbles BENGALOSAFE® are placed on the sidelines to signal to potentially violent fans that throwing Bengal fires onto the field is pointless.

The police can carry mobile and easily portable protective containers with them (weight from approx. 5.5 kg). Very easy to use and the opportunity of rapid deployment bolster any efforts by the public authorities and the policy of comprehensive hazard prevention.

Not contaminated PyroBubbles® can be reused without any difficulty.