PyroBubbles® for sensible, preventive protection against cable fires

Befüllen eines KabelschachtesParticularly critical for cables is their destruction from exposure to fire. Besides losing the cable’s functions, toxic and/or corrosive substances are created during combustion of all non-metallic cable components such as the insulation, sheathing and films. Toxic substances directly effect anyone near the fire seat.

Corrosive fire effluents and their effects, however, are not immediately noticeable. The fire effluents freed from the extinguishing water or in the humidity often causes metallic materials to corrode only after weeks and months. Fire damage can occur even very far away from the actual seat of the fire.

Defying these challenges, the PyroBubbles® can be effectively used for the preventive fire protection of installations and cable systems as well as their immediate surroundings like no other medium.

Mechanism of action

KabelschutzThe heterogeneous grain size distribution creates a dense coat of PyroBubbles® around the cables and lines. Even at low coating thicknesses, the potential fire seat is thus shielded from the oxygen available in the vicinity. In case of a short circuit, the fire reaction (e.g. electric arc) cannot be sustained since no additional oxygen reaches the fire seat. The extinguishing agent encloses the defective site and stops the combustion reaction without delay. No secondary damage results since the fire cannot spread.

The preventive use of PyroBubbles® restricts any damage to a defective wire only to prevent the failure of the entire power supply and an associated operational disruptions (e.g. production standstill or failure of local and intercity rail traffic). Furthermore, the cables are also optimally protected against external influences (incendiary devices, fireworks, external fire event, etc.) and still retain their functionality.

The protective cover made from PyroBubbles® can withstand temperatures of approx. 1050°C without melting. Kilometers of cable troughs, which are used in rail construction for example, can be easily backfilled. The granulate’s flowability permits simple filling of existing systems without having to remove any cables contained therein.

References on cable protection:

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