The use of lithium-ion batteries, cells and battery modules will continue to intensify in all industrial applications over the coming years. The potential harmfulness in the manufacture, storage and transportation of lithium-ion batteries, however, is considerable. It should be noted that damaged lithium-ion batteries always represent a hazardous material during transport. The hidden risks (energy density, self-ignition potential, electrolyte loss, release of hydrofluoric acid) must not be underestimated.

The product

The product PyroBubbles® can be flexibly deployed not only as an extinguishing agent, it is also an excellent fire retardant to protect critical lithium-ion batteries and for the transport, storage and logistics fields, which are interrelated to these kinds of energy storage media.

Energy storage, logistics & after sales

a.) PyroBubbles LIONGUARD®
The PyroBubbles LIONGUARD® safety system is designed for the safe handling and transport of lithium-ion batteries, which has been approved by the respective authority (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, BAM) as a packaging method for the transport of damaged and dangerously reactive lithium-ion batteries (up to 400 kg).

For the first time, expensive, custom packaging solutions can thus be replaced by safe, economical and standardized solutions. It consists of a special container with pressure control valve and the PyroBubbles® fire retardant filling. The components are so well-matched that even a battery thermal runaway does not pose a threat to the immediate vicinity. A separate inner packaging is no longer required within the scope of the current specifications. The absorption capacity of electrolyte has been examined and confirmed by Germany’s Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing or BAM. We plan to develop containment vessels with a module net weight over 400 kg.