PyroBubbles® is an extinguishing agent for solid and liquid combustible substances (Class A, B, D and F) examined by the MPA Dresden according to DIN EN 3-7.

PyroBubblesThe porous hollow glass granules are allocated to material class A1.
The product is very lightweight (approx. 235 kg/m³) and excellent to work with.
The main ingredient is silicon dioxide with an average 0.5 - 5 mm grain size.
PyroBubbles® can withstand temperatures up to approx. 1050°C and, after extinguishing a fire, can be picked up again simply by vacuuming and reusing most of these again.

Fire classes A, B, D, F


Mechanism of action

Dense packing inhibits mass transfer and effectively prevents the formation of flammable mixtures.
Because of its large specific heat capacity, the granulate absorbs a lot of energy, thus reducing the temperature of escaping gases/vapors and preventing self-ignition.
Vapors are cooled to below their boiling point and condense on the granulate.
Vapors and liquids accumulate at the highly porous surface and can be disposed of in a bonded manner.

In addition, PyroBubbles® have very good insulation properties so that they form a good insulating layer which keeps away heat and cold. PyroBubbles® can be brought to the fire either manually, mechanically or using simple gravity through special downspouts. The problem of extinguishing water damage can be eliminated by the use of PyroBubbles® .

The granules can also be used to extinguish problematic fire loads, such as triethylaluminum (TEA) and silane compounds, which are difficult to control using conventional extinguishing agents. Even thermite fires can be safely enclosed with PyroBubbles® and thus controlled.

Because of its insulating electrical conductivity, the product is excellent to use in electrical installations as a preventive fire prevention measure. Moreover, PyroBubbles® float on liquids and spread themselves evenly over burning liquids such as gasoline, oil or kerosene. A heat absorbing layer forms, which prevents additional liquid from evaporating and reigniting. Furthermore, the atmospheric oxygen is displaced which causes successful asphyxiation.

So sind PyroBubbles® ideal geeignet zum Löschen von Bränden in Lagertanks oder beispielhaft für Ölauffangwannen von Transformatoren.

Thus, the PyroBubbles® are ideally suited for extinguishing fires in storage tanks or exemplary for oil sumps of transformers.


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