At this year’s fire protection conference of TÜV Nord in Hamburg, Genius Group had the opportunity to give a lecture on the innovative special extinguishing agent PyroBubbles for use in structural fire protection and for the safe storage of lithium ion batteries.

Fire protection is complex and therefore subject to many requirements of laws, regulations and directives, such as the fire department laws and building regulations of the federal states and numerous other laws, regulations and directives.

For the first time, the approx. 100 participants were able to get a very good impression of the innovative fire protection with PyroBubbles. The hollow glass granules from the Genius Group provide protection for pipe and system systems from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside.

Performance systems continue to function properly. The extremely lightweight PyroBubbles can easily be retrofitted. Both cable ducts and cable trays are protected preventively in the simplest way.