6. Februar 2018
PyroBubbles® for –Fire!Water!Lightning!– at the Albert Schweitzer Grammar School in Erlangen

preventive fire protectionPyroBubbles® made a great impression within the framework of the “Long Night of the Sciences” event at the Erlanger Albert Schweitzer Grammar School.  The “Fire!Water!Lightning” project involved testing different methods of fire protection and firefighting under different fire conditions. One of the most well-known experiments in school chemistry, the burning of magnesium strips as an example of a metal fire, offered the opportunity to show a very successful extinguishing process with PyroBubbles®

Another well-known school experiment, the thermite reaction, was also successfully stopped with PyroBubbles®! Teachers and students at the scientific, technological and linguistic grammar school could see for themselves the convincing effect of PyroBubbles® and, at the same time, gain first-hand experience with an innovative product for firefighting.