An economical and Ingenious solution for test bench and quarantine boxes for high voltage lithium ion batteries

Lecture by Michael Knobloch at the Battery Expert Forum in Frankfurt. The largest event of its kind in Europe with a total of 100 speakers, 80 exhibitors and 1600 visitors.

The Genius Group, represented by Michael Knobloch, will present its latest developments in the field of test bench containers and quarantine boxes for lithium ion batteries and cells at this specialist event for the manufacture and development of batteries. The many years of experience with real fire tests of small to very large Li-ion batteries from the field of electromobility play a decisive role. The tailor-made test stand containers and quarantine boxes are used for research and the determination of performance limits of the latest lithium-ion batteries from the electrical and automotive industries. Reliable battery tests are carried out in a resource-saving and cost-optimized manner. FEV, Millbrook, Danecca, Mercedes Benz, Atesteo etc. already use the test bench boxes.