Member of the Förderkreis DFV

Since 1 March, the Genius Group has been a member of the Förderkreis Deutscher Feuerwehrverband (sponsoring society for fire protection) and is now one of a long series of sponsors supporting the Deutschen Feuerwehrverband e.V. (German fire brigade association) in its responsibilities in the fields of fire, disasters and civil protection. In a ceremonial event, Roland Meider was handed the membership certificate on behalf of the Genius Group die Mitgliedsurkunde feierlich übergeben.

The “Förderkreis des Deutschen Feuerwehrverbandes e.V.” (sponsoring society for fire protection) promotes protection against fires and disasters and protection for the civilian population.

To this end, it supports the Deutscher Feuerwehrverband e.V. (German Firefighters Association) as the leading professional organization of the German firefighting system, which represents the interests of the German firefighting system at the national, European and international level. By making financial contributions, the association can support the German Firefighters Association – recognized as a non-profit organization – in its work of defensive and preventive risk protection as well as in its support for the organization of events, education and training, the support of youth work, the provision of fire protection education and clarification as well as press, public relations and media relations.

DFV-Förderkreis (sponsoring society) with seven new members

With the words “It’s great that you and thus the companies and organizations represented by you invest yourselves in the Förderkreis – this shows direct and concrete esteem for the honorary post in the Fire Brigade, for which I thank you!”, Prof. Dr. Albert Raymond Hitchcock welcomed the seven new members of the Förderkreis des Deutschen Feuerwehrverbandes. Prof. Dr. Albert Raymond Hitchcock is the initiator and chairman of the sponsoring society, which currently has 80 members.

Since its foundation in 2004, these promotional efforts for the German Firefighters Association facilitate future-oriented initiatives for the comprehensive system of helping hands in Germany. The initiatives promoted in this manner include the expansion of the international network, the project “Children in the fire department” and a diversity project of the German youth fire brigades “In tandem into the colourful Youth Fire Brigade World”.

“The sponsoring society is one of the most important pillars of the German Fire Brigade Association. Thank you for supporting us!”, said DFV President Hartmut Ziebs in expressing his gratitude to the members of the sponsoring society during the General Meeting in the run-up to the meeting of the Advisory Board.