Successful regional meeting at Greenbase

In March 2018 our new cooperations partner IRMS e.G. (greenbase) held various regional meetings within Germany. Michael Knobloch (Genius Group) presented the exclusive benefits and functional advantages of the LionGuard® container system for the safe storage and transportation of Lithium-Ion-batteries to 279 specialist dealers for garden equipment, electric and robotic lawn mowers, battery operated trimmers and similar systems. The response from the audience was very positive and has subsequently motivated the Genius Group to further develop products for the greenbase members.


Regionaltagung bei Greenbase - Vortrag M. Knobloch Regionaltagung bei Greenbase - Vortrag M. Knobloch Regionaltagung bei Greenbase

Preview – exhibitions 2018

Logo der Messe Feuertrutz 2018





International Tradefair for Fire prevention

Date: 21. – 22. February, 2017, Nuernberg, Germany

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Battery Experts Forum

15. Battery Experts Forum

February, 27th to March 1st, Aschaffenburg

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International Battery Show Europe

May, 15th to May 17th,  Hannover, Germany

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The Battery Show USA

September, 11th to September 13th, Detroit, USA

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Battery Experts Forum 2017

Genius Technologie GmbH participated for the first time as an exhibitor as well as a referent at the International Battery Experts Forum in Aschaffenburg.
A total of 600 participants from Germany, Europe and overseas were able to make a very good impression about the latest trend and development in battery research and development, cell production and the battery market in general. Genius was the only exhibitor to deal with the storage and transport of defective, damaged and critical lithium-ion batteries. During the exhibition, many appointments could be made to the above mentioned events. Topics at renowned international industrial companies. Particularly in the area of fire protection of test labs, safe storage of LIB within production, ADR-compliant transport of LIB in the sense of Special Provision 376, 377 and 310 and the extinguishing of battery fires intensive discussions were held at the booth.
Michael Knobloch's lecture on this subject was almost sold out with just under 100 people. The great success of the event encouraged the management to be present again in February next year.

Genius Technologie GmbH as an exhibitor as well as a referent

Battery Experts forum 2017 Battery Experts forum 2017 Michael Knobloch | Battery Experts forum 2017 Battery Experts forum 2017 Battery Experts forum 2017

Technical lecture by Genius Technologie at the German Automobile Recyclers’ Symposium 2016

Michael Knobloch Autoverwertertagung 2016At this year’s symposium of German automobile recyclers, sponsored by the trade group of automobile recyclers (FAR) within the German Association of Steel Recycling and Disposal (BDSV), Genius Technologie GmbH CEO Michael Knobloch represented his company by giving a technical lecture on the storage and transportation of lithium-ion batteries that are not safe for transport or otherwise defective.

It was the first time this specific issue was brought to the attention of the 300 domestic and international participants.

The safe storage and redemption of lithium-ion batteries in particular poses an increasingly great risk in automobile recyclers’ workshops. The safety of the Genius Group’s solution, ensured by the LionGuard concept, makes it the ideal resolution of this issue. The system was not only met with approval from the participants belonging to the automobile recycling industry, but also lauded by the attending honorary professors from the University of Karlsruhe and the technical university RWTH Aachen. Requests for subsequent lectures confirmed the success of the presentation.

Link: → 10. Tagung der Autoverwerter 2016

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Pyrobubbles nominated for Product of the Year in the field of structural fire protection


With our product “PyroBubbles,” we have applied for the “Product of the year 2016” award.The protection of PyroBubbles in the area of preventive structural fire protection convinced the expert jury as well as the readers of FeuerTRUTZ.

The results have been announced. We are among the top three candidates in the Category “Fire Safety”. The winner will be chosen on 17 February 2016 in Nuremberg at the trade fair’s evening event.

Genius Technology GmbH provides solutions for transporting critical lithium ion batteries for all Volkswagen Group brands

solutions for transporting critical lithium ion batteries

Since 2015, Genius Technology GmbH has supplied their LionGuard boxes to the Volkswagen Group worldwide.

The resistant special containers made of materials from the packing group I can transport damaged lithium ion batteries and those which cannot be safely transported up to 400 kg in terms of the ADR in accordance with the SV 376 (P908) in addition to various provisions of the BAM [German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing] (e.g. ADR/2-2181/14). The components are coordinated in a way that even an automotive battery “thermal runaway” will not be a threat to the immediate surroundings. In addition to Volkswagen, the brands Porsche, Audi and Skoda are internationally supplied with LionGuard boxes. At the end of 2015, first deliveries could be realised to China, the United States, Australia, France and New Zealand.

Genius Technologie GmbH has been able to develop into the leading manufacturer of safety systems worldwide in the sector of the dangerous goods transport (UN 3480, UN 3481) of critical lithium ion batteries through this German engineering performance and the cooperation with the Volkswagen Group. All individual components are manufactured in Germany to ensure sustainable quality and safety standards.

Further development of new special containers and filter solutions are in the implementation and planning phases.

World’s leading trade fair Interschutz 2015

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Interschutz 2015 – the world’s leading trade fair for fire/disaster prevention, rescue and safety

Interschutz 2015 was held in Hanover, Germany. Visitors could marvel at numerous highlights from the industry. For the first time, Genius Technologie GmbH (formally Fire-Shield I AG), as the responsible distributor of Genius Group, was able to showcase all the products related to the PyroBubbles® fire retardant. The response to our products, presented topics and the number of conversations was overwhelmingly positive. We would like to express our thanks to all the discussion partners and visitors for your time and interest.

More information about Interschutz 2015 – and looking ahead to Interschutz 2020 – can be found on the website:

20th International Congress for Battery Recycling

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The 20th International Congress for Battery Recycling was held September 23-24, 2015 in Montreux, Switzerland.

Together with Finnish partner M&B Recycling, the exhibition stand was able to make contacts with many international decision-makers in the field of battery recycling. As an innovative solution for the storage and transportation of defective lithium-ion batteries for proper recycling, the LionGuard system enjoyed a big positive response.

Mr. Michael Knobloch, Managing Director of Genius GmbH, the successor organization of Fire Shield I AG, was noticeably satisfied and is already planning to participate in the next congress in 2016.

We are partners in the Fire Protection network

Netzwerk Brandschutz LogoThe goal of the network is to implement existing application ideas that will be qualified by research and development processes and to find new applications for hollow glass granules (PyroBubbles®) by bundling the capacities of the network partners.

The network’s goals are:

  • the creation of new products and applications for hollow glass granulate
  • the development of marketable applications
  • the development of methods for use with competent partners
  • the development of preventive fire protection methods under environmental protection aspects and sustainability

The network’s website: >

The Fire protection network is a ZIM cooperation project, funded by the nationwide, technologically and sectorally unrestricted funding program for small to medium-sized enterprises. >