Sustainable fire protection concepts

for people, companies and the environment

PyroBubbles LionGard

GENIUS Lio Guard
transport containers

UN-compliant system for storing, quarantining and transporting lithium-ion batteries ranging from defective to unsafely transportable

PyroBubbles LionGard

PyroBubbles® for extinguishing

Pyrobubbles® are ideal for reliably controlling and easily extinguishing lithium-ion, liquid and metal fires.

PyroBubbles LionGard

PyroBubbles® for
fire protection

For preventive fire protection in the area of electrical installations, cable routes, cable ducts, system floorings, etc.

PyroBubbles LionGard


Bengal torches are neutralized by a specially designed protective container that is filled with PyroBubbles®.

PyroBubbles® are the raw material
for our innovative solutions in the following areas:

PyroBubbles® have been positively tested by the MPA Dresden (in compliance with DIN EN 3-7) as an extinguishing agent for solid and liquid flammable materials (Fire Classes A, B, D and F). Learn more about the unique properties of PyroBubbles® here:

more information about PyroBubbles®

News – Exhibition dates – Events

  • Genius Group at Feuertrutz 2019

Feuertrutz 2019 a great success

February 26th, 2019|Comments Off on Feuertrutz 2019 a great success

At this year's Feuertrutz 2019, the leading trade fair for structural fire protection in Europe, the Genius Group, represented by Director Michael Knobloch and Sales Manager Steffen Mayer, was able to generate more than 90 national and international contacts from well-known companies.

  • Brands of the Volkswagen Group

Transport of lithium-ion batteries for all brands of the Volkswagen Group

July 27th, 2018|Comments Off on Transport of lithium-ion batteries for all brands of the Volkswagen Group

Seit 2015 liefert die Genius Technologie GmbH ihre LionGuard Boxen weltweit an die Volkswagen Gruppe. Die Spezialbehälter aus der Verpackungsgruppe I können beschädigte und nicht transportsichere Lithium-Ionen-Batterien bis 400 kg transportieren.

  • Mike Knobloch und Team auf der ZEG Bike Show in Köln

ZEG Bike Show Köln 2018

July 27th, 2018|Comments Off on ZEG Bike Show Köln 2018

From July 20 through July 23, 2018 Europe's leading bicycle purchasing association ZEG extended invitations to its traditional ZEG Bike Show at Exhibition Hall 8 in Cologne. More than 110 exhibitors and 5,000 participants took the opportunity to present their latest products for the coming season.