for combatting Bengal fires and pyrotechnics

The PyroBubbles BENGALOSAFE® comprises a specially designed protective container that is filled with PyroBubbles®. The Bengal torch is picked up and pressed into the PyroBubbles BENGALOSAFE®. The torch is stifled by the extinguishing effect of the PyroBubbles®. Inerting and cooling are the result. The only remains are a safely packaged and burned-out “Bengal”.

The PyroBubbles BENGALOSAFE® units are set up along the edge of the sports field, to signal hooligans that throwing Bengalo fireworks on to the field is meaningless. The police can easily carry along mobile and portable protective containers (weight from approximately 5.5 kg). Easy handling and the possibility of rapid intervention strengthen authorities and the police in their efforts to provide comprehensive aversion of danger.

Uncontaminated PyroBubbles® can be easily reused.



  • Easily transportable containers

  • Immediate insulation of the 2,000°C hot torch

  • Protection against burns and smoke

  • Safe storage without risk of fire propagation or injury

  • No risk of flashback

  • Reusable and environmentally friendly

  • Resistant to ageing