Extinguishing liquid fires with PyroBubbles®

PyroBubbles® float on liquids and spread evenly on burning liquids such as gasoline, oil or kerosene. It forms a heat-absorbent layer that prevents further fluid from evaporating and re-igniting. Furthermore, the air-oxygen is displaced, and the fire is smothered until it is successfully extinguished.

PyroBubbles® are thus ideal for extinguishing fires in storage tanks or, for example, the oil sumps of transformers.

It is particularly worth noting that PyroBubbles® are independent of the polarity of the flammable liquid, so that, for example, they can safely and effectively extinguish burning alcohols or ketones without the risk of flashback. PyroBubbles® are thus particularly suitable as an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to aqueous film forming foams, particularly vis-à-vis the environmentally hazardous fluorinated foaming agents (AFFF, FP, FFFP), so that discussions on the further use of these toxic foaming agents are terminated.

Mode of action in flammable-liquid fires

  • PyroBubbles® form a dense layer on the burning surface and thus prevent flammable gases from re-igniting.
  • PyroBubbles® separate the flammable liquid from oxygen.
  • Using a single layer is sufficient, because PyroBubbles® are not destroyed by the fire.
  • PyroBubbles® can be used for all flammable liquids.
  • PyroBubbles® can be used in electrically powered installations, because of their insulating effect.