Extinguishing metal fires with PyroBubbles®

Extinguishing all metal fires such as magnesium, etc. in industry, e.g. in foundries, furnaces and all metal processing companies. Extinguishing fires burning at extremely high temperatures (e.g. magnesium> 2,000 ° C) is no problem at all with PyroBubbles®.

  • Heat insulation for the environment and less fire spread

  • Absorption of thermal energy by means of high thermal capacity and melting process

  • Forming a closed cover on the burning surface, to separate the metal from the oxygen in the air. PyroBubbles® melt to glass and form a layer on the metal fire.

Advantages of PyroBubbles® versus sand:

  • Weight advantage: 1 m³ PyroBubbles® weighs only 250 kg. 1 m³ sand weighs approximately 1.300 kg.

  • Easy storage PyroBubbles® do not need to be elaborately dried or stored.
  • Easy application by means of fire extinguishers – Fire-fighting trailer or roll-off container. PyroBubbles® can also be stored in stationary containers, such as silos.

Advantages of PyroBubbles® versus metal fire powder:

  • After application, PyroBubbles® do not have an oxidizing effect. This means that metal parts, that are in the area where PyroBubbles® were used for fire-fighting, do not rust.
  • After a fire, companies and insurers have less consequential damage to take care of.

  • PyroBubbles® are reusable. Use a vacuum to suck up, or simply a shovel to pick up.