GENIUS transport container

UN-compliant system for storing, quarantining and transporting lithium-ion batteries ranging from defective to unsafely transportable

The hazard potential involved in the production, storage and transportation of lithium-ion batteries is considerable. In the years ahead, the use of lithium-ion batteries, battery cells and battery modules will continue to increase dramatically in all industrial applications. First and foremost, will certainly be the automotive area. During transport, it is important to be aware that damaged lithium-ion batteries must always be referenced as dangerous goods. Depending on the method of transport, the corresponding packaging standards are derived from the internationally applicable standards and provisions of the ADR, but also from the IATA-DGR, ICAO-TI, the IMDG as well as the RID in conjunction with UN3090, UN3091, UN3480 and UN3481.

Product Overview

PyroBubbles LionGuard

Packaging Group I

Safety system for storage and transport in compliance with SV 376 ADR, for damaged, defective and unsafely transportable lithium-ion batteries up to 400 kg
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PyroBubbles LionGuard

Packaging Group II

Safety system for storage and transport in compliance with SV 376, P908 ADR, for damaged or defective lithium-ion-batteries.
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PyroBubbles LionGuard

Storage containers

Easy to use, weather-resistant, safe and flexible system for storing and provisioning lithium-ion batteries for all industrial sectors
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PyroBubbles LionGuard

Test bench container

for research and for identifying the performance limits of the latest lithium-ion batteries in the electric and automobile industry
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  • Safe handling with end-of-life, defective and unsafely transportable lithium-ion batteries in the sense of SV 376 ADR, also in conjunction with multiply issued specifications by the national approval authorities.

  • Container concept based on Packaging Group I and II and the fire protection product PyroBubbles®.

  • 100% control over a possible thermal runaway.
  • Stainless steel containers from S to XXL as well as individual custom-makes

  • Maximum permissible weight according to ADR, for defective/unsafely transportable cell(s)/battery(s) transportable (≤ 400 kg), various BAM-specifications, current D/BAM/GGVSEB (ADR)/2.2.-137/15, 15054932.

  • – Specification: UN 4A/X1212/S/../D/BAM 14802-CONTek.

  • Approved complete solution for returning lithium-ion batteries for dealers.

  • Insulating cooling, non-combustible, damping, absorbing and smothering effect of the  PyroBubbles® filler.

  • Reputable international reference clients: Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Vattenfall, Bosch etc.