GENIUS – Transport container, metal
Packaging Group I

Safety system for storage and transport in compliance with SV 376, P908 ADR, for damaged, defective and unsafely transportable lithium-ion batteries

  • Reliable protection in case of thermal runaway and exothermic reactions, thus providing effective mitigation of risks to the environment

  • Tested and with UN approvals

  • Permanently recyclable as a system

  • Easy handling

  • International reference clients include: Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Vattenfall and the European Union

Type Item No. Exterior / Interior dimensions
Length x Width x Height (mm)
Empty weight
Max. dangerous goods
Max. gross weight
VG I (kg)
S-Box X1 2101 799 x 599 x 734
676 x 476 x 580
187 50 66 160
S-Box X2 2102 799 x 599 x 1114
676 x 476 x 960
309 75 110 240
M-Box X1 2103 1199 x 799 x 792
676 x 476 x 580
466 105 155 350
M-Box X2 2104 1199 x 799 x 1252
1076 x 676 x 1100
800 129 360 630
XXL-Box 2105 2500 x 1484 x 1029
2376 x 1356 x 808
2603 437 400 1212
LP1-Box 2112 2835 x 2135 x 957
2159-2699 x 1460-2000 x 570
2994 764 842 2024
L-Box2 2114 1800 x 1400 x 1386
1270 x 870 x 703
777 1050 400 1608
LP-Box2 2115 3125 x 2400 x 1349
2620 x 1900 x 590
2993 2552 800 3960

Safe transport of lithium-ion batteries

In the years ahead, the use of lithium-ion batteries, battery cells and battery modules will continue to increase dramatically in all industrial applications. However, the hazard potential involved in the production, storage and transportation of lithium-ion batteries is considerable. During transport, it is important to be aware that damaged lithium-ion batteries must always be referenced as dangerous goods. The hidden risks involved (energy density, spontaneous ignition potential, electrolyte loss, release of hydrofluoric acid) must not be underestimated. PyroBubbles® is not only a product that can be flexibly used as an extinguishing agent, it is also ideal as a fire protection product for protecting critical lithium-ion batteries as well as the areas of transportation, storage and logistics that are chained to such energy storage systems.

For the first time it is now possible to use safe, economical, standardised solutions instead of expensive, individual packaging solutions. It consists of a special container with a pressure relief valve and a filling of the PyroBubbles® fire protection product. The components are matched to each other in such a way that even a thermal runaway by one of the batteries presents no threat to the immediate environment. Within the framework of current regulations, a separate inner packaging is no longer required. The capacity for absorbing electrolyte has been examined and certified by the BAM. We are planning to develop safety containers with a module net weight exceeding 400 kg.

The following points are of particular interest with regard to the PyroBubbles GENIUS transport container safety system:

  • Vapours condense on the granulate.
  • Ignitable mixtures are rendered inert by means of oxygen displacement.
  • Vapours and liquids (electrolyte) deposit themselves on the highly porous surface and are thus bound (absorption).
  • High thermal capacity absorbs a lot of heat energy, which leads to a cooling of the reaction gases to almost ambient temperature.
  • Low thermal conductivity isolates the cell fire at its point of origin and prevents the spread of fire.
  • Packaging method approved by the Federal Institute of Material Research and Testing (BAM).