GENIUS – Transport container
Storage System

Easy to use, weather-resistant, safe and flexible system for storing and provisioning lithium-ion batteries for all industrial sectors

The increasing energy density of lithium-ion batteries and the inexorable use of these energy sources in all sectors of industry will inevitably lead to a significantly greater risk potential, such as transport damage, spontaneous ignition potential, production damage, etc. There currently exist no public-law regulations for the storage and provisioning of lithium-ion batteries (VdS 3103: 2016-05(02)).

In collaboration with one of the leading manufacturers of metal boxes in Europe, the Genius Group has developed an innovative and safe storage system. The double-walled, galvanized metal walls of the special containers are filled with PyroBubbles®. The lid is also safely protected by PyroBubbles®. Even batteries or cells in cardboard boxes or other storage units are quickly and easily stored and protected in the container. Even in the event of a thermal runaway in the stored batteries, the immediate surroundings are safe. Also, the batteries are protected from all external influences. Both elaborate separate fire protection containers/fire protection halls as well as protective rooms are therefore superfluous.

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Storage container

Type Item No. Exterior dimensions
Length x Width x Height (mm)
Interior dimensions
Length x Width x Height (mm)
Usable volume (l) Load capacity
LG Storage Box
2306 605 x 400 x 800 363 x 213 x 395 30,5 100 Galvanized steel
LG Storage Box
2307 805 x 605 x 800 563 x 413 x 395 91,8 200 Galvanized steel
LG Storage Box
2308 1216 x 805 x 800 1013 x 563 x 395 225,3 400 Galvanized steel
LG Storage Box
2309 1216 x 1006 x 800 1013 x 743 x 373 280,7 400 Galvanized steel