Customised solutions

It is our highest priority to fulfil the promise of quality we have made to our clients. We can ensure this, because the entire process chain, from the development and optimization of our core product PyroBubbles® through production, to distribution, everything comes from and is controlled by single source – the Genius Group. This transparency is a unique selling proposition and is unrivalled on the German market for fire protection solutions – and one of the many reasons why our customers place their trust in us.

Special extinguishing systems

Our experts are available for the most diverse requirements, and they work together with you to develop special extinguishing systems for your specific needs. This includes the application of the following technical extinguishing systems:
→ Solutions for fire brigades

Fireproofing concepts

To prevent fires in a plant, the Genius Group advises clients both in the planning phase of a new plant as well as in the subsequent implementation of fireproofing for existing facilities. You will be supported by a team of highly qualified experts, who can accurately assess risks and effectively prevent them. We are very familiar with official requirements as well as legal regulations and can competently and quickly answer any questions you may have about optimal fire protection.

Customers benefit from our continuous exchange with safety officers and fire departments, contributing to a comprehensive safety concept, which provides a solution for all typical potential fire risks. To this end we work together closely with our customers and with our partners.


To be able to meet the increasing demands for fireproofing well into the future, the Genius Group has launched a scientific advisory board. The advisory board is composed of recognized experts in various fields; as members of the advisory board, they provide their services on an honorary basis.

Providing independent advice on technical issues and incorporating state-of-the-art research know-how about new materials for effective fire protection – these are the most important tasks of our advisory board. All members are recognized fire protection experts who have for many years been researching intensively on effective and sustainable materials for active and preventive fire protection.