Genius Technology GmbH provides solutions for transporting critical lithium ion batteries for all Volkswagen Group brands

solutions for transporting critical lithium ion batteries

Since 2015, Genius Technology GmbH has supplied their LionGuard boxes to the Volkswagen Group worldwide.

The resistant special containers made of materials from the packing group I can transport damaged lithium ion batteries and those which cannot be safely transported up to 400 kg in terms of the ADR in accordance with the SV 376 (P908) in addition to various provisions of the BAM [German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing] (e.g. ADR/2-2181/14). The components are coordinated in a way that even an automotive battery “thermal runaway” will not be a threat to the immediate surroundings. In addition to Volkswagen, the brands Porsche, Audi and Skoda are internationally supplied with LionGuard boxes. At the end of 2015, first deliveries could be realised to China, the United States, Australia, France and New Zealand.

Genius Technologie GmbH has been able to develop into the leading manufacturer of safety systems worldwide in the sector of the dangerous goods transport (UN 3480, UN 3481) of critical lithium ion batteries through this German engineering performance and the cooperation with the Volkswagen Group. All individual components are manufactured in Germany to ensure sustainable quality and safety standards.

Further development of new special containers and filter solutions are in the implementation and planning phases.

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