Technical lecture by Genius Technologie at the German Automobile Recyclers’ Symposium 2016

Michael Knobloch Autoverwertertagung 2016At this year’s symposium of German automobile recyclers, sponsored by the trade group of automobile recyclers (FAR) within the German Association of Steel Recycling and Disposal (BDSV), Genius Technologie GmbH CEO Michael Knobloch represented his company by giving a technical lecture on the storage and transportation of lithium-ion batteries that are not safe for transport or otherwise defective.

It was the first time this specific issue was brought to the attention of the 300 domestic and international participants.

The safe storage and redemption of lithium-ion batteries in particular poses an increasingly great risk in automobile recyclers’ workshops. The safety of the Genius Group’s solution, ensured by the LionGuard concept, makes it the ideal resolution of this issue. The system was not only met with approval from the participants belonging to the automobile recycling industry, but also lauded by the attending honorary professors from the University of Karlsruhe and the technical university RWTH Aachen. Requests for subsequent lectures confirmed the success of the presentation.

Link: → 10. Tagung der Autoverwerter 2016

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