Since 12 March 2019, the Genius Group has been the first manufacturer in Europe to hold a BAM (National Authority for the Transport of Transport Uncertain Lithium Ion Batteries) certificate in accordance with UN Regulation SP 376 and the new packaging regulations P911 and LP906.

BAMThese additional test requirements and verification procedures in connection with the transport of damaged or defective lithium-ion cells and batteries particularly require additional performance requirements on the packaging manufacturer (safety assessment of the reaction gases and particles, functional verification, procedure concept for determining transport, etc.)

The verified test procedure of Genius and LionGuard is the result of many real fire tests, especially with high-voltage batteries from the automotive industry.

These results are recorded in a database. Possible thermal runaway are therefore always under control during a UN-compliant transport. This method is also used in the field of safe storage, quarantine and test bench containers for lithium-ion batteries.

Genius Group is particularly proud to be the first manufacturer in Europe to have this official document. “This gives our customers the flexibility and security they need. For example, a real fire test can be dispensed with if there are already positive fire tests with comparable batteries and containers.”  (→ Determination by BAM)