GENIUS – Entwicklungs GmbH

Research & Development

Genius Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH specializes in custom solutions for modern fire fighting.
It develops special extinguishing concepts as well as modern fire prevention measures and plans new system applications.

Its core competencies are in the areas of preventive and defensive fire protection, innovative extinguishing agents and fire retardants, energy storage devices (lithium-ion batteries) and the implementation of special solutions.

GENIUS – Technologie GmbH

Genius Technologie GmbH is the exclusive distribution partner of Genius Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH. As an exclusive partner, we are aware of the customer's needs. Complex and difficult issues in plant and safety engineering as well as fire protection require individual solutions. We market the entire product range of the certified PyroBubbles® extinguishing agent and are in close contact with all cooperation partners and service partners in the respective countries.


Battery Experts forum 2017Genius was the only exhibitor to deal with the storage and transport of defective, damaged and critical lithium-ion batteries.
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solutions for transporting critical lithium ion batteriesGenius Technologie GmbH
provides solutions for transporting critical lithium ion batteries for all Volkswagen Group brands.
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