Sustainable fire protection concepts

for people, companies and the environment

PyroBubbles LionGard

GENIUS Lio Guard
transport containers

UN-compliant system for storing, quarantining and transporting lithium-ion batteries ranging from defective to unsafely transportable

PyroBubbles LionGard

PyroBubbles® for extinguishing

Pyrobubbles® are ideal for reliably controlling and easily extinguishing lithium-ion, liquid and metal fires.

PyroBubbles LionGard

PyroBubbles® for
fire protection

For preventive fire protection in the area of electrical installations, cable routes, cable ducts, system floorings, etc.

PyroBubbles LionGard


Bengal torches are neutralized by a specially designed protective container that is filled with PyroBubbles®.

PyroBubbles® are the raw material
for our innovative solutions in the following areas:

PyroBubbles® have been positively tested by the MPA Dresden (in compliance with DIN EN 3-7) as an extinguishing agent for solid and liquid flammable materials (Fire Classes A, B, D and F). Learn more about the unique properties of PyroBubbles® here:

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