PyroBubbles® for extinguishing

PyroBubbles® are environmentally sound, mineral special extinguishing agents for firefighting fire classes:

Extinguishing lithium fires, metal fires and liquid fires

PyroBubbles® are ideally suited for extinguishing or controlling difficult fire loads, where conventional extinguishing agents fail or would lead to major damage. As a fire extinguishing agent, PyroBubbles® is also very well suited in situations where the use of aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) is an environmental issue, because it has the ability to float on any flammable liquid, where it quickly and easily forms a closed layer that facilitates successful fire extinguishing without the risk of flashback.

The extinguishing effect of PyroBubbles® (physical parameters):

A combustible substance together with heat and oxygen are the basic requirements for a fire to burn. All three factors must be present in the correct mixing ratio. In a firefighting process, one of the factors such as oxygen or heat are removed from the combustible material.

  • Covering the burning material and thus withdrawing oxygen

  • Reducing the combustible reaction gases by means of the pores of the PyroBubbles®

  • Absorption of thermal energy by means of high specific heat capacity and phase change (melting of metals), thusfar cooling effect

  • Shielding of combustible material by means of low thermal conductivity