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Extinguishing systems with PyroBubbles®

Extinguisher Tornado 50-Pyro 5

  • This 50-liter – mobile – extinguisher can be used to efficiently and easily extinguish small fires of all kinds (lithium-ion, metal & flammable liquid fires).
  • The fire extinguisher can be loaded on to on a mobile firefighting hose reel.
  • Permanent cooling properties for lithium-ion batteries or cells.
  • With a throw distance of 4m, it can be applied at a safe distance from the source of danger.
  • Wide range of applications in industry, public buildings such as schools and universities and other facilities and buildings.

→ MPA Dresden

Firefighting trailer/firefighting roll-off container for PyroBubbles®

Used in conjunction with a firefighting trailer, firefighting crews have a flexible means for extinguishing fires with PyroBubbles®. This can be sucked in directly from BigBags, containers or tanks and then applied to the source of fire. (Developed by Messrs. Zeppelin in Freital/ Friedrichshafen, Germany)

Firefighting trailer:

Firefighting roll-off container:

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