PyroBubbles float on liquids

PyroBubbles® – the proven and patented fire protection product

PyroBubbles® are water-neutral and food-safe. They contain only very few water-soluble components. The ph-value ranges between values of 7 and 9 (maximum permissible limits according to the drinking water regulation 6.5 – 9.5). This value corresponds to a soap solution for normal hand washing and can thus be considered neutral. The totality of the soluble salts has considerably less effect on the conductivity of water than the normal mineral content of tap water. Conductivity < 150 μS/cm (permissible limit according to the drinking water regulation 1500 μS/cm).

Properties of PyroBubbles®:

  • PyroBubbles® have been positively tested by the MPA Dresden (in compliance with DIN EN 3-7) as an extinguishing agent for solid and liquid flammable materials (Fire Classes A, B, D and F).
  • PyroBubbles® are the ideal filler for storing and transporting lithium-ion batteries (UN3480, UN3090) and are lighter than sand (approximately 235 kg/m³).
  • PyroBubbles® consist mainly of silicon dioxide with an average grain size of 0.5 to 5 mm.
  • PyroBubbles® absorb electrolytes (BAM tested).
  • PyroBubbles® have a low thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity and are electrically insulating.
  • PyroBubbles® are heat resistant to approx. 1050°C. At higher temperatures they begin to melt and form a closed and thermally insulating layer around the source of the fire.
  • PyroBubbles® float on the surface of the liquid and are particularly well suited for fighting flammable liquid fires, independent of polarity.
  • PyroBubbles® can be collected and to a large extent be reused after every application.
  • PyroBubbles® are hydrophobic and resistant to aging.
  • PyroBubbles® comprise porous hollow glass granules and are classified as Class A1 building materials (DIN 4102 and EN13501); they feature excellent processing capabilities.
  • PyroBubbles® require no maintenance and thus generate low maintenance costs
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