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Solutions for fire brigades
Plant fire brigade, professional fire brigade and volunteer fire brigade

Firefighting roll-off containers

Swap-body vehicles (WLF) are increasingly being used by larger fire brigades, particularly plant fire brigades. In this type of vehicle, a swap body with a hook system is mounted on a chassis with a driver’s cab.

It is possible to have the complete extinguishing system mounted on a steel construction, that is carried by a roll-off frame. This design is suitable for a WLF-26/6900-1570. Since the planned external length of the roll-off platform is 5700 mm, usage in conjunction with a WLF-18/5900-1570 is also conceivable. This is dependent on the dimensions of the vehicle and the superstructure and shall be examined further later on.

Located on the platform is a lockable container for holding the PyroBubbles® extinguishant. The extinguishant storage in the illustration has a volume of 4.1 m³.

Firefighting trailer

Used in conjunction with a firefighting trailer, firefighting crews have a flexible means for extinguishing fires with PyroBubbles®. This can be sucked in directly from BigBags, containers or tanks and then applied to the source of fire. (Developed by Messrs. Zeppelin in Freital/ Friedrichshafen, Germany)

Trailer specifications:

Road approval
Delivery capacity: approx.3 – 4 t/h
Throw distance: flexible, max. 8 m
Hose lines: DN 80
Total weight: approx. 5800 kg
Length x Width x Height 7500 x 2550 x 3800 mm
Electrical connection: approximately 17 kW
The firefighting trailer is available with trim and additional options on request.

Stationary solutions

Stationary extinguishing systems with Zeppelin solutions: To find a procedural solution, various tests were carried out with PyroBubbles® at the pilot plant in Friedrichshafen. The best results were achieved using pneumatic flight conveyance. This is the basis for the plant engineering selected.

Press report:

Zeppelin Anlagenbau has entered into a partnership with the Genius Group.
The jointly developed fire-fighting trailer simplifies the process of extinguishing fires fed by lithium-metal and flammable liquids.