Extinguishing lithium-ion fires with PyroBubbles®

PyroBubbles® are ideally suited as dry extinguishing agents and are particularly suitable as a replacement for firefighting water or extinguishing foam.

  • Covering the burning material and thus withdrawing oxygen
  • Reducing the combustible reaction gases by means of the pores of the PyroBubbles®
  • Absorption of thermal energy by means of high specific heat capacity and phase change (melting of metals), thusfar cooling effect
  • Shielding of combustible material by means of low thermal conductivity

The increasing demand for battery cells is also leading to the need for higher standards in fire protection.

Bereits jetzt gibt es eine Vielfalt von Lithium-Batterie-Typen, die sich in Aufbau, Elektrolyt, Leistung und Größe unterscheiden.

And this applies to many areas such as manufacture, transport, storage, disposal or recycling of lithium batteries/accumulators or cells. In the automotive sector, lithium batteries are being used in hybrid and electric vehicles. Furthermore, there are countless other electronic devices that use lithium energy storage devices such as laptops, smartphones or digital cameras. They are also being increasingly used in scooters, forklifts or for powering bicycles, so-called E-bikes or pedelecs.

There are now a wide range of lithium battery types available, which differ in structure, electrolyte, performance and size, such as li-metal, li-ion or li-polymer. However, these small power plants are not without risk. The increasingly wide range of application of lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery cells is also increasing the requirements for fire protection.